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BRIAN LEHMAN EVALUATIONS INC. is accredited by the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Organization. The appraisers have the expertise to place values on hundreds of items in your home. It’s best to leave items where they are displayed. The appraisal method is simple once the appointment date is set, Brian arrives at the home with his assistant and her equipment to record and photograph the valuables throughout the house going room by room. The report is finalized at the office where research and editing is required. The appraisal report is presented in a binder where all the information is conveniently stored for (insurance protection, estate planning or selling purposes).

ON LOCATIONTrade Shows & Events. These events allow us the opportunity to meet our clients face to face and appraise their wonderful treasures. We also get to see this marvelous country while doing our version of the “Antiques Roadshow”.

These events are usually hosted by large or small communities in Alberta and surrounding areas, and events can be sponsored by any organization seeking public attention. Brian is a great public speaker and holds the audiences attention with his knowledge and interesting stories. Join us and host a very informative & entertaining event.


Who are we & what can we do to help?

APPRAISALS - Brian says “I love my work", I get invited into some of the nicest people’s homes to appraise their items. We want to make sure our clients are well protected in case of loss or estate settlement. I particularly enjoy helping with the sorting, organizing and pricing of families treasures. It’s difficult for people to know what to do after years of living in the same home with their treasures.


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Home visit rates are on an hourly basis. Call for detailed information based on your requirements

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ESTATE SALES - have become a growing market with the aging population, we conduct the sale directly from the home. We do this to eliminate the frustration of finding venues to sell the contents. We save you money by selling the house at the same time. We work hard with the family to make it a big success, and as stress free as possible.Click to view upcoming estate sales. Register your e-mail address for upcoming estate sales.

Brian’s book “You Don’t Have to Be Dead to Have an Estate Sale” can be used at these events as a fundraising tool.