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Brian and customer on computer

Brian Lehman, CPPA & his associate, Angelika Ouellette, come to your home to appraise & photograph the items in your house.

A proper inventory is conducted by Brian and computer recorded.

Every item of value is given an inventory number with description, photograph and appraised value.

They proceed through the home going room by room. (No need to move items, leave in their place).

Call (403) 249-7333 to book an appointment, for more information, or email

Insurance/Estate Appraisals

Understanding your insurance policies

A 1996 nationwide industry survey by Insight Canada Research showed most Canadians don’t understand how insurance works, they are confused by the array of choices and terminology and they’re uncertain about their policy coverage.

“Too many people make a decision based on price alone and not on what their policy covers”, explains Allan Wood, Regional Vice-President of the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). “It’s important to read your policy and go through it, clause by clause, with your agent or broker”.

Canadians spend approximately $1.7 billion on homeowners’ insurance and received about $1.2 billion in claim payouts in 1996. With that much at stake, it pays to learn the lingo of the insurance industry.

Standard Form/Broad Form/Comprehensive Form Insurance

There are three general categories of home insurance:

Standard Form policies explicitly state the named perils covered on the physical structure and contents.

Broad Form policies cover all risks to the physical structure except those explicitly not stated (i.e. water seepage and leakage), plus it covers stated perils to contents.

Comprehensive Form policies covers all risks to the contents and physical structure except those explicitly not stated. Comprehensive form policies are the most popular coverage.

Replacement Cost Coverage
This is a common type of insurance coverage. Under this coverage, the cost of buying a new item to replace an old item is covered (if certain conditions are met).

Depreciated Value or Actual Cash Value
The terms “depreciated value” and “actual cash value” are interchangeable. Depreciated value is the actual worth of an item, at the time of loss.

What to ask your Insurance Agent/Broker

An hour spent going through your policy, clause by clause, with your agent/broker is an hour well spent. Here are a few questions to help you get the information you need to better understand yours.

1. What does my insurance cover?
You should know what is and is not covered, so you can make contingency plans.

2. Is this coverage right for my needs?
We all have individual needs and concerns and a generic policy might not fit your specific requirements.

3. How can I decide how much insurance I need to fully protect my home?
Many homeowners are surprised at the cost of rebuilding a home, especially if theirs is only a few years old. If you are uncertain about whether or not your home is insured for its replacement value, ask your insurance agent. Usually, you need 75% of your homes value for "content" insurance..

4. What kind of service does my insurance company provide?
You need to know if your company has claims offices across the country and how you file a claim if you are out of town. You should also ask what other services your insurance company provides.

5. Ask about any terminology you don’t fully understand.
Remember, you are paying the agent/broker to serve your needs. If you don’t understand your coverage, or what a term means, ask for clarification.

Do you have the correct amount of insurance to rebuild your present home???


Estate Planning
Wills & Probate

(coming soon )



It’s easy to have your item(s) appraised by photograph. Give us a call (403) 249-7333.

1. The item(s) must be clear in the photo,("blurry photos" not useful) showing all sides, front and back, including the bottom and top. Photo’s must be close-up from at least 18 – 24 inches. If the are small items or furniture, photo must include base and drawer ends, etc.

2. Include a photo of any markings or stamps indicating the make, model or artist name. This must be legible to do proper research.

Moorcroft stamp on plate

3. List what it is and what it was used for.

4. Can you tell us when it was made, where it was made or who made it?

5. Where did you get it (any history)?

6. Please include any other information we should know about it. Example:     was it stripped, redone, point out chips, cracks or flaws.

Desk with drawers    

You will be advised of the appraisal cost upon receipt of your photos. Once payment has been remitted we will begin the appraisal. Include a cheque payable to Brian Lehman Evaluations Inc, we do not “bill” for our services.

Please allow 2 weeks for our written appraisal. If for any reason we cannot give you an appraisal of your item(s), we will contact you immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us at (403) 249-7333.


See a list of items we appraise.

Gift certificates are available.

Great Birthday gifts for mom, gandma or friends. Call our office to arrange an appointment (403) 249-7333.

When you don’t know what to give mom or dad… give them a gift they will remember forever. Let us know what the occasion is and we’ll do our best to make it special.

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